Charlotte Cappellino, an artist who came to a sound bath, created a series of 4 paintings showing how her perception of the ceiling tiles changed throughout the experience. Left to right: ordinary perception, color began to appear, then movement, and then "it all exploded."

What an experience! I left my body several times during the sound meditation. Waves of relaxation were moving through my body as Celine used the different instruments to create amazing sounds!  And the best part: old pain showed emotional patterns that I was able to finally release using self hypnosis!!
Dr. Inessa Zaleski Clinical Hypnotherapist


Thank you so much for providing a glorious sound bath for Southern Tier folks. We appreciate your returning to Olean - three years in a row and counting! - to offer our most popular program. 

Richard Reilly, President, Olean Meditation Center

Feedback from Christiane Deschamps, Librarian at White Plains Public Library:

I've had a chance to review the evaluation forms filled out by attendees who had time and inclination to do so. (We like to get feedback and ideas on programs we offer.) 

They were all so positive!

I quote:

-"she has a beautiful voice"

-"an absolute treat"

-"I loved this....I hope the library continues to do similar programs"  

-"great experience. Just the right amount of explanation to start the program. The ending with singing together brought us all together. Great way to conclude."

Comments from Yonkers Library anonymous post-event survey form: 

- Very moving and relaxing. 

- My first time and was just mesmerized. Thank you! 

- Sound bath was heavenly. Best I’ve experienced. 

- Energy blockages were released. 

- Very beautiful experience. Thank you. 

- Maybe I just want more?! I felt that my knees, which usually hurt, 

were somehow improved. Thank you. I hope you come back.  

My friend and I really enjoyed your Sound Bath at the beautiful Wainwright House this afternoon. Hope you'll be back soon.   

Sound bath participant

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the sound bath on Monday evening. I slept like a baby and have not been that relaxed in a very long time! 

Sound bath participant   

We love the use of your instruments and how spiritually and meditatively you use them. 

Bill Domanico, UUCRT board member