About Celine



Based in Westchester NY, Celine is a physician who conducts sound baths and guided meditations in large and small groups. Sound journeys vary in focus, ranging from guided meditations to improvisational horizontal concerts, depending the setting and audience. 

When creating sound baths with Harmonic Alchemy, she collaborates with Julie Harris, a flute player, multi-instrumentalist, and a fellow band member in the organic world fusion ensemble, Heartwood. She also collaborates with other sound healers and therapists and sometimes conducts solo sound meditations. 

Some of the places that have hosted Celine's sound baths in the past include:

  • Wainwright House, Rye
  • Sacred Spirit Yoga & Healing Arts, Dobbs Ferry
  • Unitarian Universalist Church at Rock Tavern
  • Hastings Yoga, Hastings-on-Hudson
  • Om Chi Wellness, Dobbs Ferry
  • Yonkers Library, Crestwood Branch
  • White Plains Library
  • Moffat Library, Washingtonville
  • New York University Langone Medical Center
  • Shambhala Yoga Center, Beacon
  • Breathe Salt Rooms, Katonah
  • The Phoenix and the Rose, Katonah
  • Olean Meditation Center, Olean
  • Six Senses Bhutan
  • Taj Tashi, Bhutan
  • Bhutan Youth Development Foundation


Celine's background

Celine weaves all the threads of her life’s work - sound, science, and spirituality - together to create therapeutic sound.  

Celine has studied the science and techniques of creating soundscapes to promote parasympathetic nervous system functioning, brain wave entrainment, and energetic balancing using overtone-emitting gongs, crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, tuning forks, drums, etc. at Biosonics, the Center of Light School of Sound Healing, New York Open Center, Sage Academy of Sound Energy, and the Sound Healing Academy. 

She draws on her background in science and medicine, as well as studies in alternative healing modalities, such as acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and Reiki, to deepen her understanding of the physical effects of sound on the body and mind. Celine's training as a Sivananda yoga teacher and her years of study and practice of Buddhist meditation allow her to appreciate and incorporate the subtle effects of sound and mantra on the mindstream and energetic body.   

To create more effective sonic fields, Celine brings her musical experience to her sessions. She is a founding member of the organic fusion band, Heartwood, where she plays Native American flute. She learned the joy and connection of improvisation through the Music for People program. 

Celine works as a public health consultant and is currently serving as a board member for the Sacred Spirit Yoga and Healing Arts Center in Dobbs Ferry, NY. After over 20 years of living in several countries in Africa and Asia, she now divides her time between Bhutan and NY.