Library of Mind, Body and Sound

Celine is excited to be supporting the Royal Government of Bhutan’s new Library of Mind, Body and Sound. As part of the government’s ongoing commitment to Gross National Happiness, the library will promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of Thimphu valley residents, especially the youth, by linking traditional Buddhist (Vajrayana) wisdom with modern science and cutting–edge approaches. The title of the new library – the Library of Mind, Body and Sound – is based on the Himalayan concept that the actions of human beings are expressed through their mind, body and sound. Happiness and well-being arise from the balanced interrelation and intersection of these three domains.    

Construction has already begun and is expected to be completed by April 2018. Situated on 8 acres, the six-level library will be one of the largest buildings in Thimphu and aims to become a vibrant community hub for acquiring knowledge and skills about mind, body and sound. While the library is being built in and for Bhutan, its benefits are expected to extend beyond the borders to other countries who wish to learn from Bhutan’s leadership and innovation in GNH. 

Sound Conference planned for Fall 2018

Celine is organizing a Sound conference to kick off the new library project in the fall of 2018. Topics will include traditional music forms of Bhutan, sound used in spiritual practice (mantra, chant, invocation with horns, drums, cymbals), and the science of sound and sound healing.

For more information and how to help...

If you want to know more and stay up to date on progress on the new library, go to the Centre for Bhutan Studies and Gross National Happiness website.

The government funding for the library is limited to the physical building, without provision for internal equipment or other installations and programs. The Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH Research’s immediate needs for the facility are: · computer equipment and software for digital learning stations · access to digital library materials · sound system for the performance space · experts in sound engineering and acoustics  · experts in computer hardware and software · print books  

To find out more, contribute to the sound conference and/or the library with expertise or donations, contact Celine