My CD is now available!

All of the tracks immerse you in the vibrational field of ancient and modern healing instruments to help you acheive a state of expanded consciousness and reconnect to the natural harmony of your body, mind, and spirit. 

Track 1 is a 25-minute guided meditation with sound as a support to disconnect from discursive thinking and drop into a state of deep relaxation and spaciousness. The remaining tracks (2-8) are individual sound meditations using different healing instruments without guided instructions; together they create a 35-minute sound bath.   

CDs and download cards will be available for sale at my events. The CD tracks can also be previewed and downloaded online. 

Listening to the sound journey with headphones in a comfortable position without distractions is recommended to appreciate the full resonance of the healing instruments and experience the maximum benefit.   

Native American flute

Celine's solo recordings


Organic world fusion band. Find out more about Heartwood at the band website and on Facebook